How I live with MS

An unexpected opportunity


Sometimes in life an opportunity presents itself that cant be ignored. This happened to me recently when I was asked about joining the committee that works with the MS and Parkinson’s Society of Canterbury.

I have been working closely with the society over the last 18 months helping to develop and deliver a course for people that are newly diagnosed with MS called “Living Well with MS”  I have learnt so much about myself and my MS in the process.

A myriad of questions wandered around my brain over the days leading up to my decision.  “Will i be able to manage the additional workload above and beyond my job and life?’,  “What do they do?’,  “What do i have to offer?”  and for some reason “Will there by cake?”

Having MS has taught me to make the most of opportunities.  I know I have much to learn and i know I will love making a difference.

The website for the Canterbury society

For the record – there is no cake – YET.