What am i doing eating a Paleo Ginger cake?

Funnily enough I am quite fond of ginger things.  That’s enough sniggering thank you.

I was chatting away with one of my clients at work the other day about her business and I discovered that she specialises in Paleo baking ingredients and cake mixes.  It was while I was nosing around her website ( www.huntergatherergourmet.co.nz ) that I discovered a recipe for one of my favourite food groups,  Ginger cake.

We got to talking and she offered to send me a sample of the cake mix.  To cut a long story short – it’s in the oven as I write and the house smells divine.

Let me clarify a few things before I get to the point.  I am about as paleo as Colonel Sanders.  We do eat pretty healthily at home, especially since my wife decided to go as sugar free as is possible in our modern society.  I do not and have never been paid for these blogs. Moving on.

What on earth has a Ginger Cake got to do with Living Well with MS?

It’s about savoring your favorite things while you can.  That’s right MS can affect taste buds in some people.  I couldn’t stand beer for over two years when I was first diagnosed  ( thankfully this has remedied itself ).  Imagine not liking chocolate anymore.  Even worse —— imagine not liking coffee anymore!!!!!!!

It’s about being open minded.  In the last 6 years I’ve tried Yoga, Mindfulness, cut on back sugar and gone on medication.  I’ve even exercised ( Lawn bowls counts as a sport I will have you know ) !!!  I once said to someone ” I’d believe in the tooth fairy if it helped.”  It’s a fact that having MS has made me more open minded and willing to try new things ( when convenient I will add)

It’s about gratitude.  Having MS teaches me everyday to be grateful.  I’m rubbish at it I admit.  But I know when I drive to work tomorrow with ( most ) of my Ginger Cake in the car.  I will be grateful for the kindness of a stranger.  Grateful for the beauty of the country I live in.  And most of all grateful for the life I have.

The cake is out of the oven now and I better go tidy the kitchen before my wife gets home 🙂WP_20160713_001.jpg