Living Well with MS

A few months back I was asked a question that made me pull a face that would have quite a good Meme ( think “what you talking about Willis?” ).  And NO I didn’t involve pulling someone’s finger.

I was asked by my local MS society to assist in creating a course for people newly diagnosed with MS titled ” Living Well with MS”.

The team putting the course together consists of a MS nurse and 7 people with MS.  We come from all walks of life and all have drastically different personalities and definitely different opinions.  But we all worked together to create a course that we I’m really excited to help launch this weekend.

Week 1 is all about MS.  What it is, what some symptoms are and other “stuff” like that.  Part of it is getting everyone to talk about “their MS”  I’m leading this piece and funnily enough I was told by everyone to “keep it brief”.  Apparently I like talking – who knew…….

It has been an absolute honour working as part of the team.  I’ve learnt so much about living with MS and can see why we were selected to create the course.  Even if I did make rather inappropriate  comments about getting Botox injections into the bladder.

This is not an easy to walk ( or wheel ) along but I know that we have created a great foundation block to help.  Ultimately it is up to them if they chose to be “Living Well with MS”.