Day off Day

Have you ever wanted a day off?

I have.

I’d really love a day off. One whole day.

But not from work. I actually have a great job and work with some fantastic people.

Nor do I want a day off from being a husband. My wife is incredible.

I don’t want a day off from being a dad. Oh hell no. My son makes me laugh every day.

And I certainly don’t want a day off from being alive. I even love my drive to work, especially when I turn the radio off.

No, what I’d love a day off from is being sick.

A day off from waking up and checking to make sure everything still works. As time progresses this is something I have started to do more and more. Wiggling my toes, touching my thumb and fingertips and smiling in the mirror have become a part of my daily routine.

A day without seeing what I like to call “the look”. I should probably explain “the look” here. It is what I frequently see when people look at me – “I’m just checking to make sure you are ok” also known as “I’m checking to make sure everything is working”. I know it is a look of love and compassion, but there are days I just wish I didn’t have to see my MS mirrored in the eyes of those around me.

A day off from being so tired it isn’t funny. In other words, a day on. Where I can help more around the house, kick a ball around for longer with our son and enjoy a beer on a Friday night with friends more than once in a blue moon.

A day without wondering when or where the next relapse will come from and what it might affect.

This morning I woke up (good start) and after doing my normal self-checks (passed them all) I had every intention of calling in sick to work and having what our son referrers to as a “day off day”. He’s an odd child and to him “day off days” are all about family, Lego, playing and Lego.

Maybe not such an odd child as he has a great point. A “day off day” is a day to enjoy what you have got and to enjoy those around you. So what I ended up doing was deciding today needed to be a “day off day”. So I got up, did some exercise and headed to work. The sky was beautiful, the drive was relaxing, and when I got to work I found out that #BonJovi have just released a new song. And then I wrote this.

So yes, I’d love a day off being sick. But I can’t. I have MS and while it won’t kill me, short of a medical miracle I will die with it. Someday. But not today. It’s a “day off day”.

August 2015


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